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Mandarin Chinese

Welcome to the new Leaving Certificate Mandarin Chinese specification.

The aim of Leaving Certificate Mandarin Chinese is to develop learners’ ability to use the target language for communicative purposes and to explore the interdependence between language and culture. It also aims to develop learners’ plurilingual and pluricultural competence.

The expectations for learners articulated in this specification are at ab initio level. While the CEFR Companion Volume is not generally used in relation to Mandarin Chinese, for transparency and consistency with the ab initio pitch, this specification has been informed by the CEFR educational aims and outcomes. The expectations for learners are broadly aligned with Pre-A1/ A1 levels of the CEFR.

Assessment of Leaving Certificate Mandarin Chinese will be offered at both Higher and Ordinary levels. 

To access the online specification click on the graphic.

View Specification PDF

View Specification PDF

View Specification PDF